Pink Lizard Design

Pink Lizard Design are a Europe–leading arts team specialising in the creation and hire of unique and beautiful solar–illuminated flags to festivals and events across Europe.

Our art has the ability to transform any festival into a vibrant and confident–looking event location, with an “above-eye-level” sea of light, shape and colour, day and night.

Fireflies2013Pink Lizard Design flag gardena festival flag event installationb glastonbury flagsd flagsCompfusion of dance flags 2012

Our solar-LED flags also bring great flexibility, as they can be installed in almost any shape or formation – as gathering circles or gentle main arena curves, as a flag forest, or in lines to define circulation routes and entrance gateways. 

Our flags can also be installed almost anywhere – attached to seafront or waterside railings, in water, or on rooftops.


Our new 'Phoenix' design festival flags

We have also created installations for local authority–led events, including a waterfront flag installation for the 2008 Falmouth Tall Ships Race and an Olympic Flag Garden on behalf of Lewisham Borough Council, London. Installations for corporate clients have included Bloomberg. 

Our unique Solar–LED festival flags are hired annually to some of the biggest event production companies in Europe, including MCD in Ireland, ID&T in Belgium, FKP Scorpio in Germany, and Live Nation in France, Holland and the UK. Our Solar-LED festival flags are usually hired in sets of twenty – at 12-metres tall per flag structure, just one set installed at your event makes for a substantial art installation. 

We are already fully booked for a number of weeks this summer – to discuss an installation for your event in 2017 please contact us at 

best wishes with your event,
The Pink Lizard Design team